More Digital Scrapbooking Art Corner.

Hi there, Here’s Some More  of things  that I Have Been Doing Lately.

These are a Variety of Theme Style Pages. As I been Going though a Conscious Shift in my Life on Loving & Getting to Know the Real Me underneath all the Pain of Life.

Scrap Page made with Love Yourself by Kreative Designs by Karen.



Another Theme Page of Loving Myself and Having Confidence in your Own Body. From Digital Scrap Page Called Love Myself by creative Designs by Karen. Made in CraftArtist 2.



Another Theme Based Page on Hopes & Dreams and Things I Value in Life. From Scrap Kit

Dream Catcher By DaisyTrail. Love the Bright Vibrate Colours in the Page.



Theme From CS Manhattan Winter a Snowy & Christmas type Kit. Its Nice to Do these things with the City Look of USA. Made From DaisyTrail. 



Birthday Page for  a Friend  Scrapped from Lillie’s & Light By MGM Designs Love the Painted Background and things. 



New Cover Page I Made for my Facebook Page. Inspiring People to Put yourself First as you are Important Too Just As Other People Are. Made From Scrap Page Smitten By Just So Scrappy.  Love is the Answer 🙂 If you Cant Love Yourself, You Cant Love Others 🙂





I Don’t Want to Write Anymore

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I don’t want to write


I don’t want the words

rushing through my veins,

the surge with which

leaves me unsettled

raw and open…

It is much

too much to ask of me –

to bleed the twisting sentences

to feel the verbs

tracing down my spine

and the world becomes

unburdened of her sin

yet I am left to feel

each pang of remembrance.

A child cries

and I feel her tears

added to my sorrows.

I watch a hungry man

stooped over an open trashcan

and I cannot escape

his need.

I hear the sirens

of yet another disaster

and I cannot pull away.

I feel the loss that others

cannot bear to breathe.

My eyes

were never meant

to look away.

My heart

was never meant

to go to sleep

and I feel

and I feel

and I feel as if it is too much


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Adult Colouring Pages I have Coloured.

Some More Pages I have Completed in Last Few Days.

Page From Art Therapy & More. Used with Sharpies, Gel Pens, Felts, Pencils. Did a Self Made Frame & Textures. Used Graphics on Page.


Farm Animal


Lion Picture Taken from Art Therapy & More. Used Frame from AcdSeee Ultimate 10

The Colors are Symbolic with American Colors.

Red-Blood, Blue -Passion/Powerful ,Green-Freedom, Black-Anger/Dominate Yellow Hope.



Mandela From Tropical Wonder World By Millie Marcotto.

Made with Sharpies, Gel Pens,felts etc. Used a Self Made Frame and Used Textured Elements.




Springtime Awakening From Art therapy & More. Used Sharpies, Felts etc. Used Frame from AcdSee Ultimate Software.



Meditative Calendar Scrap Pages Series.

A Series of Calendar Pages I Coloured from Colour World Meditative Mandela’s I did Last Year. Scraped Pages with Magically Mandela’s by Daisy-Trail. Used Filter from Craft Artist. Have The Original Pictures in My Room Which Help Me When Feeling Down.




Part Two of Meditative Calender’s From Colour Your World. With Scrap Page Majestic Mandela’s  with Filter From Craft Artist.  Love Viewing These in My Room. Especially Love the Bright Colors Give Me Good Feelings.




Part 3 Continued From Meditative Mandela’s Calender’s Which I Have Coloured.

Used Scrap Kit Magical Mandela’s From Daisy Trail. Used Sharpies, Felts, Pencils, Gel Pens in All of the Calender’s.





Digital Scrapbooking Corner Continued….

Hi Thanks for Viewing My Scrapbooking Pages. Here are Some More Digital Scrapbooking Pages I have Done in the Past Weeks or So.

Scrap Page Made with Paper Wonderland From Daisytrail. Used Filter from Craftartist. Photos Taken in Oamaru Garden of Alice in Wonderland in Oamaru Gardens.

Botancial Gardens Alice in Wonderland


A Craft Page I Made with Crafty Baker By Daisy Trail.

A Tribute Scrap Page for  Art Lovers & Craftaholic. I Believe its so true. All for the Love.




Following with the Theme of Being Yourself & Getting to Love Yourself Which I been Experiencing of Late. Scrap Page made with Follow your Heart By SnickerdoodleDesigns.




Another Scrap Page in Honor of Loving & Liking Yourself. Made with Scrap Page  Love Myself By Kreative Designs by Karen. Used a Filter in Craft-Artist. Photo of Me.




Some Pictures that I took at Oamaru Gardens of  Alice in Wonderland Oamaru Stone Sculpture. Love the Way it Looks with the Greenery in the Garden. Scrap Page made with Botanical Gardens by Daisy-trail. Used Filter From Craft Artist. Frame By Cottage Arts.






Feel Happy on the Inside


What Makes me Feel happy on the Inside I hear you ask??

Been Having Such Super Feelings of Late.

With Doing a Mixture of Swimming & being Creativity  With Arts

Really Helps Life My Mood, Which in Turn Makes me Feel Happy.

Been Feeling Happy on the Inside, Which Never Felt Before or at Least Not till a Long time.

Was Always a Smiley & Happy Child was Known as Smiley Kylee.

Simple things in Life Bring Such a Joy & Peace to my Heart these Days.

The Joy my Cats Give, a Positive Comment & Encouragement on things I do Creativity as well Being around Good People.

This is what Makes me Feel Happy & Smiling on the inside!!

©Kylee Mitchell